General Instruction for INSEF Junior National Fair

To be held on 27-28 January 2018

Hosted by: K. G. Dholakiya School, Rajkot

1. There is no need to get the display board or any flex print or canvas print. Note you must get all the project related materials - research, prototypes, lab reports etc.
2. Instead all the participants are expected to make a presentation and get the printout of the presentation in A4 sheets. Print out can either be in b/w or colour. Note: One set of printout will need to be handed over to the organizers after the judging.
3. Judging procedure remains same as Regional Fair i.e. individual judges will come to your stall and have an interaction with you.
4. You need to get at least two sets of print out – during discussion with the judges, the judges will see the printed A4 sheets and have an interaction with you.
5. The judges will give back the printouts to you and you can use the same sheets for other judges.
6. It is suggested that you create a maximum of 16 slides for the presentation. The recommended font size within the presentation should be 28pt size. Do not write essay, or paras, make clear bullet points about your projects.
7. Once your presentation is finalized, you must upload the pdf presentation using the form mentioned above.
8. You can also get your laptop and do your project presentation. Laptop is optional. Even if you get the laptop, A4 sheets printout is mandatory and the judges will look at the printed A4 sheets.
9. If you project needs power supply – you must get you own power extenders. All the power extenders must be safe and have a proper plug adapter.
10. Note: even if you get the flex/canvas display – it will not be allowed to be displayed during judging; so do not get any flex/canvas print display chart. You will not allowed to stick or pin even the A4 sheets.
11. Projects who are not arriving for the National fair must inform about their non arrival by sending email to not doing so will result in future disqualification to participate at INSEF

Other Special Instruction
1. If your project requires internet connection for demonstration of your work. You must demonstrate it by having a internet data pack.
2. If your project uses any program/code or raw data, you must have the softcopy and/or hardcopy of the code and data
3. If your project is using any development environment (IDE- Aurdino/Raspberry Pi/Equivalent) or demonstration environment (any Online tool). You must be able to show how you did your project. You must be able to show how you built the binary of your project

4. Convert your PPT to PDF format and upload by January 10, 2017 Click here to goto upload form Not doing so may result in reduction of judging points

5. Travel is on your own, hostel accommodation, food will be provided.

27th January

3PM onwards (arrival & setup)

28th January

8.30am Setup

9.30am Inauguration

10am to 12.30pm - Judging

12.30pm to 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm to 3pm - Public Viewing

3.30pm to 4.30pm – Valedictory

5pm – Departure

Local contact Phone numbers will be provided by January 10, 2018


Hostel Accommodation & food will be provided and bus will arranged to take participants to and from the venue.

Only official guests are allowed. You could make the change in the name of adult incharge but the number of people should be the same. For e.g. if your parent want to accompany you instead of guide then you could do so. No name change in participants would be allowed.