Science Society of India co-partners with Yale Young Global Scholars

Science Society of India (SSI) is honoured to co-partner with Yale University on their program Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS).

In this regard, any applicant from India who indicates that they are affiliated with SSI (including participation in the INSEF regional fairs)
will be eligible for a full scholarship (tuition + travel) from Yale.

The applicant still needs to fulfil Yale's selection criteria.

Only by participating in SSI affiliated fairs students shall be eligible for full scholarship.

If you have participated in any of the INSEF affiliated fairs, please mention it in the application so that you are automatically eligible for
full scholarship (that includes tuition and international travel)

In order to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity applicants must do the following:
In response to the question "How did you hear about YYGS?" Select the response "Science Society of India".

For more information on YYGS, please visit click here: YYGS logo