Convert your school science fair to INSEF School Fair &

Get one automatic qualification to INSEF Regional Fair!

In order to promote innovative research based learning, SSI is inviting schools to convert their internal fair to INSEF School fair. One top winner of the school fair would automatically qualify for the nearest INSEF Regional Fair.

Why are we doing this?

1. This step will encourage schools to mould the students on research based thinking rather than creating attractive thermocole-based models. We strongly believe that you do not need a demonstrative non-working model to explain a project. A project can be demonstrated by having a display panel and data. For engineering based projects we expect a working model.

2. Also, this is in line with our goal that every child's must get a platform to demonstrate their research based / engineering projects.

How will the submission happen?

The submission will be through SSI website exactly like the regional fair submission. Instead of regional fair name – it will the school fair name.

Should the school fair be open to all?

No – it need not be. It could be the school's internal fair which need not open to all.

How will the school get the details?

At the end of the submission deadline – the school will be provided with a spreadsheet containing all the submission details.

Will SSI be part of Judging in the INSEF School fair ?

No, SSI will not be part of the judging for INSEF School fairs. The school can choose whomsoever they want to do the judging.

What about evaluating the projects - will SSI help?

SSI will provide the INSEF judging criteria (pdf file) and evaluation sheet (pdf) so that judging can be streamlined. The school can take a print and evaluate the projects.

Is there any cost for doing this?

This is provided at no cost to the school. But in the banner you must put SSI logo and mention as online partner.

What happens after the INSEF school fair?

Once the INSEF school fair is over (within one week of completion). The school principal should send an email mentioning about the winner's name and online project ID. They should also send some photograph of the fair as an attachment. This will serve as a proof of holding the INSEF School Fair. SSI may choose to publish the photograph in their website. No participant name changes will be allowed later for INSEF Regional Fair.

Students who have submitted to INSEF School fair - do they need to resubmit for the regional fair?

No – participants who have submitted to the school fair should not submit again. They can always edit their existing submission to enter more details till the appropriate deadlines of the respective regional fair. For the regional fair selection SSI will look at all the submissions regardless of the winning project.

Will SSI provide any monitory support?

Remember – SSI is is a not-for-profit trust, we ourselves are struggling for funds & running operations at low costs. Some times we use our personal funds to fulfil the program plans. Rather – we need people / institutions to donate so as to enable us sustain our operations. Donations to SSI are exempted under section 80G. For details please goto this link:

What should i do to make INSEF School Science fair?

Send us an email ( with details of school & your fair dates.

Will this be a lifetime affiliation?

No – this has to be renewed every year by holding INSEF School science fair.